2017 Summer field courses

Students sampling a stream with plants in the background

This summer (2017), the Department of Biological Sciences will be offering three field-based courses based primarily out of Maywoods Environmental and Educational LaboratoryStudents will be allowed to reside in the lodge at Maywoods during each course free of charge.

May 15 – June 9
- Topics in Field Biology: Botany (BIO 595/795). 3 credits. 8am-noon. First week is online only. Instructor: Dr. Brad Ruhfel.
- Topics in Field Biology: Ichthyology (BIO 595/795): 3 credits. 1pm – 5pm. First week is online only. Instructor: Dr. Sherry Harrel.

Wildlife students can substitute courses for Plant Systematics (BIO 335) and Ichthyology (BIO 557). Courses can be taken concurrently.

June 19 – June 30
- Ecology for Teachers (BIO 590/790): 3 credits. 8:30am – 5pm. Instructor: Dr. Melinda Wilder.

Courses fulfill requirements for EKU Biology, Wildlife Management, and Education majors. Each course will be driven by experiential learning and include field trips to sites across eastern KY, including EKU’s Lilley Cornett Woods, and other public lands.

For questions please contact Drs. Sherry Harrel (sherry.harrel@eku.edu), Brad Ruhfel (brad.ruhfel@eku.edu), or Melinda Wilder (melinda.wilder@eku.edu).

Summer field courses flyer for download

Published on November 02, 2016