BIOS Peer Mentoring Center Opens August 31 For Fall 2015 Tutoring

Preparing for an exam at the BIOS Peer Mentoring Center

Free tutoring is available for all Biological Sciences courses through the BIOS Peer Mentoring Center, located in Memorial Science B14. Beginning Monday, August 31, 2015, students who have excelled in many of our courses in recent semesters will be on hand to help you. Hours are Monday and Wednesday  9:05am-8pm, Tuesdays 9:30am-8pm, and Thursdays 12:30-6pm, with 6-8pm help sessions for BIO 301 (Human Physiology) on Monday 6-8 and for BIO 100 (intro bio) on Tuesday 6-8. Other special help sessions may be scheduled upon request. Exact hours will be posted along with the focus courses covered during each time slot. Each student mentor has a set of courses they specialize in helping with so you can check the schedule posted at the Center and at Although Biology majors are encouraged to use the center for help with intro and upper-division courses, by far the most visitors come in for help in the non-majors courses, such as the intro biology BIO 100,  Human Anatomy (BIO 171), and Human Physiology (BIO 301). Are you taking Clinical Micro (BIO 273) this semester? The mentors can help with that too. Genetics (BIO 315) giving you fits? The mentors can help.

Memorial Sciences B14 is also a great place to stop by to study between classes. Also, in the afternoons, Memorial Science 177 is available for group and individual study (sorry, some classes are scheduled there in the mornings).

The current printable schedule (click here) is posted on our web page. Additional hours of operation may be added later in the semester.

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Published on August 21, 2015