Dr. Frederick wins the "Lauren Schaaf Memorial Award" for outstanding lifetime contributions to wildlife conservation!

Dr. Frederick with Greg Johnson and Sara Ash

The Kentucky Chapter of The Wildlife Society (KY TWS) recently awarded Dr. Robert Frederick, chair of the Department of Biological Sciences, with the 2015 Lauren E. Schaaf Memorial Award. This award recognizes a professional biologist in Kentucky who has made outstanding contributions to wildlife conservation and management. The award is named in honor of Lauren E. Schaaf, wildlife biologist and director of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR), who passed away in 1995.

Dr. Robert Frederick’s contributions to wildlife management in Kentucky have been significant, and have followed closely in the footsteps of Lauren Schaaf, who like Dr. Frederick was a waterfowl biologist. Dr. Frederick is a past-president of the KY TWS. He’s been a Professor in EKU’s Department of Biological Sciences since 1982, and the Chair of the department since 2007. He’ll be retiring at the end of the Fall semester.

He’s conducted field-based research throughout the United States, focusing on the population and behavioral ecology of waterfowl and furbearers. Along with his students he has studied Wood Ducks, Geese, Trumpeter Swans, Bobcats, and Red Fox. His research also includes quantitative approaches such as simulation modeling.

Perhaps his most significant contribution to wildlife management has been as a teacher and academic leader. He has thoughtfully mentored thousands of students, many of whom have continued on as wildlife professionals that now populate state and federal agencies throughout Kentucky and elsewhere. Dr. Frederick has led a long and distinguished career, and his influence on wildlife management is most strongly felt through his students as a dedicated teacher of wildlife management at EKU.

Please congratulate Dr. Frederick on his achievement!

Published on September 25, 2015