Summer 2015 field courses

Stream sampling at Maywoods

This summer (2015), the Department of Biological Sciences will be offering three field-based courses primarily out of Maywoods Environmental and Educational Laboratory. Students will be allowed to reside in the lodge at Maywoods during each course free of charge.


BIO 599/799 Wetland Design and Restoration Techniques (2 credit hours)

Taught by Tom Biebighauser and Stephen Richter (

Students will receive training in how to design, restore/construct, and plant wetlands and will use this training to construct a large wetland at Maywoods. The class will meet 18-22 May at Maywoods (9:00-4:00). The course officially ends on 29 May, but the second week will consist of online content and assessments.


BIO 599/799 Field Ichthyology and Field Botany (4 credit hours)

Taught by Drs. Sherry Harrel ( and Brad Ruhfel (

Wildlife students can substitute these courses for Ichthyology (BIO 557) and Plant Systematics (BIO 335). Although the dates for the courses span four weeks (18 May-12 June), in-class time begins the second week. The first week (18-22 May) will consist of online content, readings, and assessment. Both courses will be taught based out of Maywoods for two weeks, 26 May–5 June, during which time Field Botany will meet 8-12:00 and Field Ichthyology 1-5:00.  Additionally there will be an overnight field trip to Lilley Cornett Woods Appalachian Ecological Research Station from 8–10 June. The classes officially end on 12 June with 11-12 June being online work only.

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Published on November 03, 2014