Kentucky Bluebird Society

County Coordinators

County Coordinators are very important to the Kentucky Bluebird Society because they are our eyes, ears, and spokespeople across the state of Kentucky. They become the local contact for their county and become our 'ambassadors' in their area. KBS will consider each county a 'Bluebird Project' and will be named accordingly. County Coordinators must:
  • be a member of KBS and be willing to be a representative of KBS in their local county
  • promote bluebird awareness in their area
  • provide information, training, and encouragement on bluebird conservation
  • inspire prospective bluebirders to build bluebird-approved nest boxes
  • inspire prospective bluebirders to organize and monitor trails
  • send press releases to local papers and radio encouraging people to call for advice and information (e.g., about a county-wide workshop or a school project)
  • act as 'hotline' respondents, answering questions and trouble-shooting bluebird problems in their area
  • be willing to help interested bluebirders start new trails and offer countywide bluebird workshops (e.g., how to build a proper nest box, monitor nest boxes, or organize a trail)
  • supply KBS with a report of their monthly activities, such as problem solving, trails organized, workshops conducted, and number of hotline calls answered
County Coordinators will be supplied with a complete kit of educational materials. Anyone dedicated to getting out the message of bluebird conservation can be a coordinator. To date, KBS has 24 county coordinators. If you are interested in being considered for a County Coordinator, please fill out & submit a County Coordinator application form. If you have any questions, please check the information on our County Coordinator Tips page or contact the Kentucky Bluebird Society by regular mail (P.O. Box 3425, Paducah, KY 42002), phone (270-924-5831 or 270-797-3527), or e-mail ( 
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