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The Kentucky Bluebird Society was organized to foster the return and perpetuation of the Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) and other native cavity-nesting birds in Kentucky. To this end, the Kentucky Bluebird Society (KBS) will strive for the best methods to use, conserve and create habitat for the protection of these species. Our mission is to increase the population of bluebirds in Kentucky by promoting conservation through education.
We invite you to join us!

The Kentucky Bluebird Society is a statewide membership organization and is classified as a non-profit organization according to the Internal Revenue Code 501c3. All donations and gifts are tax deductible.

As a KBS member, you'll join others in advancing bluebird recovery and will receive up-to-date information about how to attract and raise bluebirds and other cavity nesting species. You'll also receive a membership card, a quarterly newsletter, and will have voting privileges at our meetings. KBS is growing rapidly and already has over 400 members in 51 counties! 

The success of KBS depends on members getting involved! For more details, contact us by regular mail at: Kentucky Bluebird Society, P.O. Box 3425, Paducah, KY 42002 or contact Brenda Allcock ( or Phil Tamplin (

KBS Outdoor Education Program:

The Kentucky Bluebird Society will provide up to five bluebird boxes with posts, hardware, and instructors to all Kentucky schools that wish to establish an educational bluebird program which includes the establishment of a managed bluebird trail. For additional information, contact Brenda Allcock ( or Phil Tamplin (

Kentucky Bluebird Cities

The Kentucky Bluebird Society is pleased to announce a new program available to all Kentucky cities. Participation includes no fees. To help your city qualify as a Kentucky Bluebird City, please consider helping by becoming personally involved. Requirements for City designation include:

  • a city must have a minimum of 10 citizens with active, registered KBS-approved bluebird boxes
  • participating citizens agree to 'manage' their bluebird box for as long as they participate in the project. KBS membership is not required. However,
    KBS welcomes new members to help support KBS and its conservation and education projects.

To register your bluebird box(es) for the "Kentucky Bluebird City" project, please send your name and address to the Kentucky Bluebird Society either by regular mail (Kentucky Bluebird Society, P. O. Box 3425, Paducah, KY 42002) or email ( When possible, a bluebird program will be scheduled for the public in your community to answer questions about bluebird box management and to provide help in obtaining a bluebird box, if needed. Bluebird management basics are available by request.

KBS Objectives

The Kentucky Bluebird Society seeks to:

  • have a KBS County Coordinator in every Kentucky County to help with projects in their county and to work with the schools in organizing an Outdoor Classroom Enrichment Program for the students. If interested, check our County Coordinator page.
  • have registered bluebird trails on the Trans-Kentucky Bluebird Trail in every Kentucky County (with a minimum of five boxes per trail).
Those wishing to help meet these and other KBS objectives are encouraged to attend one of our meetings or to contact us by
e-mail at


Latest News:

  • Cornell's Birdhouse Network - Check the live bluebird cams at Heath Elementary School in Paducah, KY, and at Caldwell Elementary School in Princeton, KY.

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