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All photos on this page are the property of and appear with the permission of the respective photographers.

Clutch of Eastern Bluebird eggs (sometimes they're white!)
Photo by Ed Ray
Lake Barkley St. Resort Park, 2000

Eastern Bluebird nestlings
Photo by Kathy Kelley of Memco, Inc., Dawson Springs, KY

Explorer's Bluebird Trail/Southside Elementary School (Hopkins County,  7 nesting boxes). These photos were taken by Tammie Sanders in May 2001.  Organizers and managers of this trail are Ed Ray and Tammie Sanders.  This trail was organized this spring as part of the Kentucky Bluebird Society's Outdoor Classroom Enrichment Program at this school.  For more information on the Outdoor Classroom Enrichment Program (OCEP), please contact Bob Ivy at or 270-898-6688.

Nestling Eastern Bluebirds
Photo by Virginia Eswine

Carolina Chickadee nest
Photo by Tammie Sanders (May 2001)

House Wren nest
Photo by Ed Ray

If you have photos that you'd like to have posted on this page, please send them (either as jpg or gif file attachments or just send the photo(s) & I'll scan them) to Gary Ritchison ( or Dept. of Biological Sciences, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY 40475).

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