Kentucky Bluebird Society

Outdoor Classroom Enrichment Program (OCEP) - 
“Conservation through Education”

As part of the KBS Outdoor Classroom Enrichment Program:

  • KBS representatives will give a video or slide presentation at any school interested in participating in an outdoor classroom program related to bluebird conservation. 
  • KBS will conduct workshops concerning:
    • the proper way to build approved bluebird nesting boxes, 
    • how to organize and properly monitor a bluebird trail (a bluebird trail has a minimum of five properly placed nesting boxes).
  • KBS will provide up to five (5) bluebird nesting boxes to any school that has an area available to place them properly (click here for information about requesting boxes).
  • KBS will provide up to five (5) posts for nesting boxes to be mounted on. They can be mounted on either wooden or metal posts.
  • KBS representatives will help organize the trail and supervise the placement of nesting boxes. The trail can then be named and registered as part of the Trans-Kentucky Bluebird Trail.
  • KBS will furnish educational materials to the class responsible for maintaining and keeping accurate records on the production of bluebirds from the trail.
  • KBS will furnish the proper forms for monitoring the nesting boxes once each week plus a year-end report form.
  • KBS will issue a framed certificate and register the trail on the Trans-Kentucky Bluebird Trail. Every school’s bluebird trail will be part of the TKBT.
  • KBS representatives will be ready to help with any problems during the nesting season.
  • The class will provide KBS with a complete and accurate record of the results of their trail at the end of the nesting season.

For additional information, contact Ed Ray, the KBS Education Director, by e-mail at or by phone at 270-924-5831. If interested in participating in the KBS Outdoor Classroom Enrichment Program, please complete the application form and submit it to: Kentucky Bluebird Society, P.O. Box 3425, Paducah, KY 42002.

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OCEP in action!
Students at Southside Elementary checking their bluebird boxes (Photos by Tammie Sanders).

Southside students also wrote poems and articles about Bluebirds that you'll enjoy reading!!

Check Out Some Additional OCEP Photos!!!

For Information About Instructional Activities Involving Bluebirds, 
see our Core Content page

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