Kentucky Bluebird Society

Members 'Recruiting' Members: Become a KBS Recruiter

All KBS members are invited to participate in this very interesting program. This program is designed for one purpose: to get more people interested in bluebird conservation. Every member has a neighbor, friend, or family member who they can tell about bluebirds and invite to become a member of the Kentucky Bluebird Society. 

Instructions are simple:

  • If you tell someone about KBS and they become a member, then you will get credit for that membership. You need to be sure that when that person becomes a member, the KBS staff knows who recruited them.
Rewards are great:
  • Members who recruit 5 new members will receive their choice of a bluebird nest box or a cap with the KBS logo (1-Star Recruiter).
  • Members who recruit 15 new members will receive their choice of a polo or denim shirt with the KBS logo (2-Star Recruiter). (And, if you become a 2-Star Recruiter, let us know your size & choice of color at least two weeks prior to the next meeting.)
  • Members who recruit 25 new members will receive a framed lifetime membership certificate in the Kentucky Bluebird Society (3-Star Recruiter).
You can receive all three recruiting awards (for 5, 15, & 25 new members) because it is a continuing program that will continue as long as you are a member and recruiting new members. Awards will be presented at each general meeting. 

The real winners of this contest are the bluebirds! So, get involved. Everyone can recruit!

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