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Anne L. Stamm Avian Education Fund

Anne L. Stamm was an inspiration, especially to young birders, for many years, and was a keystone of birding and ornithology in Kentucky. The Anne L. Stamm Avian Education Fund is used to support projects that will instill children with a deeper appreciation of birds and nature. If you wish to make a contribution, please send your check made out to the Kentucky Ornithological Society (designated for the Stamm Fund) to our Treasurer (James M. Williams, 480 Seeley Drive, Lexington, KY 40502-2609). Information about applying for an Anne L. Stamm Avian Education Fund Grant is provided below.

Anne Stamm

(Receiving a painting of a White-crowned Sparrow as a gift from KOS
at the 1993 Spring Meeting)

Anne L. Stamm Avian Education Fund Information

1. Fund purpose:

Anne L. Stamm was an extremely active longtime member of the Kentucky Ornithological Society (hereafter, The Society) who dedicated her life to promoting interest in birds.  Ms. Stamm was particularly interested in involving children in bird watching. The Anne L. Stamm Avian Education Fund was established in her memory to continue her tireless efforts to educate young persons about the avifauna of Kentucky and to foster a genuine interest in monitoring and protecting their populations.  The following guidelines outline the process for obtaining funds of up to $250 for projects that fulfill the goals of this fund.

2. Who may apply:

Any person in the Commonwealth of Kentucky with a plan to educate young persons about the birds of Kentucky may apply.  Members of The Society will receive preference for funding, but others are encouraged to apply.  Applicants must be 21 years of age or identify a person 21 years of age or older who will accompany the proposer.  Teachers at public and/or private schools within Kentucky are especially encouraged to apply for funding of projects related to their classroom/teaching activities.

3. When are applications due:

Applications may be submitted for consideration for funding at any time.  Please allow six weeks for review and a preliminary response.  A final response will be provided following the spring or fall Society meeting of the Board.

4. Where to apply and the process for consideration:

Applications should be submitted to the chair of the committee (see return address on the application).  The fund committee and the Society Board will review proposals.  The Society Board will make the final determination regarding funding after hearing a report from the fund committee.

5. What to submit:

Complete all parts of the application form. The application form is available in both Word format (click here) or pdf format (click here).

6. Reporting requirements:

A one-page final report describing the outcomes must be submitted upon completion of the project.  Presentations of the project are encouraged, but not required, at the spring or fall meeting of The Society, usually held in April and September respectively.

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