Kentucky Ornithological Society

Bird, Audubon, &
Sierra Clubs in Kentucky

Plus ornithological and Audubon societies of other
states & other Kentucky groups of interest to birders

Beckham Bird Club
Louisville, KY
Eastern Kentucky 
Bird Club
Audubon Society
of Kentucky
Cumberland Chapter of 
the Sierra Club
Northern Kentucky
Bird Club
Greater Louisville Group - 
Sierra Club
Mammoth Cave Group - 
Sierra Club
Pennyrile Group - 
Sierra Club
Great Rivers Group -
Sierra Club
Northern Kentucky Sierra Club
Jackson Purchase Audubon Society -
Ph. 618-564-3367
Little River
Audubon Society -

Almost in Kentucky ;-)

Cincinnati Bird Club

If your bird club or Audubon chapter would like a website, provide Gary Ritchison ( with the information (and, if you wish, graphics) you'd like posted &, with your input concerning layout & design, we'll generate a page (or pages) for your club or chapter on the KOS (EKU) server.

Other State Ornithological and Audubon Societies:

Other groups or societies of interest to birders:
Kentuckians for the 
Kentucky Society 
of Natural History
Kentucky Native
Plant Society
Dogwood Alliance
Kentucky Bluebird Society
Raptor Rehabilitation
of Kentucky
Kentucky Heartwood
Kentucky Bat
Working Group
Kentucky Rails
to Trails

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