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Kentucky Ornithological Society
Founded 1923

Members of the Kentucky Ornithological Society enjoy birds!
We seek to create and increase interest in birds in Kentucky, and support the conservation of birds and their habitats. We also promote avian research. Anyone interested in birds may join our Society! We encourage you to check out our website to learn more about us and, of course, more about the birds of Kentucky.

KOS members receive The Kentucky Warbler (the official publication of KOS). The Warbler is published quarterly and includes seasonal reports of bird observations throughout the state, original research articles, field notes, and news about KOS and its members. Members may also participate in a variety of activities, including annual spring & fall meetings, field trips, and Christmas Bird Counts. To join the fun, click here!

NEW!! The Virginia & Wendell Kingsolver Scholarship Fund was established in 2013 by the Kentucky Ornithological Society. Funds are available to send a young birder (ages 13 - 18) from Kentucky to an American Birding Association Summer Camp. For more information about this scholarship and how to apply, visit our Kingsolver Scholarship page!

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