Things You Can Do
for Birds, Birding, and KOS

What You Can Do for Birds

1. Maintain a bird-friendly backyard habitat with native plants for cover and nesting, and a variety of feeders, bird boxes, and water sources. Get your neighbors interested in doing the same.

2. Keep the cat indoors.

3. Help organize an International Migratory Bird Day event in May.

4. Help create a demand for eco-friendly, bird-compatible, shade-grown coffee. Lead by example - buy shade-grown coffee for your home or office.

5. Volunteer to help with or conduct a breeding bird survey (contact Brainard Palmer-Ball for more information).

6. Participate in Christmas Bird Counts.

7. Collect binoculars and other equipment for Birders' Exchange to send to Latin America and the Caribbean. Volunteer to be a courier if you are traveling to those areas.

8. Become informed about conservation issues and how your elected officials are voting on these issues. Write or call elected officials and encourage them to support legislation that will benefit birds and other wildlife.

9. Join organizations (like The Nature Conservancy) that help preserve habitat for birds and other wildlife.

10. Vote for the most environment-friendly politicians.

What You Can Do for Birding

11. Introduce others (especially kids) to the joys of birding! Take a new birder with you on your next field trip.

12. Review the bird and birding books in your local public or school library and suggest (or donate!) titles that would improve the collection.

13. Get active in or start a local bird, Audubon, or Sierra club. Offer your skills and interests to help as you can with field trips, newsletters, fundraising, and programs.

14. Practice good birding ethics. Let other birders know about the American Birding Association Code of Ethics and other standards of appropriate field behavior.

15. Get involved with and tell others about Teaming With Wildlife.

16. Volunteer to give a talk about birds and birding at a local school or to a local group (e.g., boy or girl scouts or garden club).

What You Can Do for KOS

17. Encourage friends to join KOS; give them a membership form (or provide gift memberships as birthday or Christmas presents).

18. Tell friends about the KOS website.

19. Attend the fall and spring KOS meetings and participate in KOS-sponsored bird counts and field trips.

20. Submit seasonal reports of your bird observations.

21. Volunteer to lead a field trip.

22. Subscribe to BIRDKY and contribute your observations!

23. Place some KOS brochures (after receiving permission of course) on display at your local park, refuge, or birding specialty store.

24. When renewing your KOS membership, consider one of the new giving levels (e.g., contributing or life membership).

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