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Want to discuss birds and birding with other Kentuckians (and with non- or former Kentuckians interested in what's going on bird-wise in Kentucky)? If so, subscribe to the KOS LISTSERV (an e-mail discussion group about Kentucky's birds). Individuals who subscribe to this listserv (called BIRDKY) receive all messages posted to the group. To see what BIRDKY subscribers have been discussing recently, check out the BIRDKY archive.  BIRDKY is a great way to tell others about the birds you observed on a recent field trip or field trips you're planning or what birds are coming to your bird feeder or interesting bird behavior you've observed. You can ask questions about bird identification or bird behavior or where to bird or where to get birding supplies or anything else relating to birds, and other subscribers may be able to help you out. This is a great way to communicate with others who enjoy the birds of Kentucky!!

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