Application for Membership in the
Kentucky Ornithological Society

Print, fill out, & send this application to:
Lee McNeely, P. O. Box 463, Burlington, KY 41005



City______________________________ State_____________ Zip code___________

E-mail address*__________________________________________________________

(*Optional - New members who provide their e-mail address will be added to the members'
directory on the KOS website)

Membership Category (check one):  

_____Regular - $15.00

_____Family (Regular) - $20.00

_____Contributing - $25.00

_____Family (Contributing) - $30.00

_____Student - $10.00

_____Life - $300.00

Membership     $____________

Contribution to 
Monroe Fund   $____________

Contribution to 
Stamm Fund     $____________

Total enclosed   $____________


Please make checks payable to: Kentucky Ornithological Society

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