Kentucky Ornithological Society

Burt L. Monroe, Jr.,
Avian Research Grant Fund

The Burt Monroe, Jr., Avian Research Fund was established in honor of Dr. Burt L. Monroe, Jr., who was an internationally-known and respected authority on avian taxonomy and an active member of the Kentucky Ornithological Society. Dr. Monroe served as the Society's President from 1973 - 1975. KOS members, and non-members, are encouraged to support the Monroe fund, and avian research in Kentucky, through their donations. Contributions (with checks made out to The Kentucky Ornithological Society & designated for the Monroe Fund) should be sent to the KOS Treasurer (Lee McNeely, P. O. Box 463, Burlington, KY 41005).

KOS members needing funds (up to $1000) to assist them in conducting research on birds in Kentucky are invited to submit an application to the KOS Burt L. Monroe, Jr., Avian Research Fund Committee. Guidelines and an application form are available on our website (click here to see the guidelines and here for an application form you can print and submit [pdf version of form]) or can be obtained from Kate Heyden, Avian Biologist, KY Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, 1 Sportsman’s Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601. Proposals should be submitted by January 15 of each year.

Past Recipients:

2013 - JohnRyan Polascik, Eastern Kentucky University - Validating a Kentucky wetland rapid assessment method using bird surveys, remote sensing, and vegetation

2013 - Mark Winland, Eastern Kentucky University - Vocalizations of adult American Kestrels: effect of breeding stage, sex, and context on call use and call characteristics

2012 - Ryan O'Connor, Eastern Kentucky University - Breeding biology of Chuck-will's-widows: nest success and nest-site selection

2010 - R. Ian Horn, University of Akron - The antimicrobial properties of Chimney Swift saliva

2009 - Anna Clark, Eastern Kentucky University - Nesting characteristics of the Great Blue Heron colonies in Kentucky

2008 - Dan Wetzel, University of Kentucky - Causes and correlates of individual variation in parental care

2008 - Jason Courter, Eastern Kentucky University - Do Tufted Titmice convey information about predator size and threat in chick-a-dee alarm calls?

2004 - Darren Proppe, Eastern Kentucky University - Examination of the possible functions of the "simple" and "complex" songs of male Grasshopper Sparrows

2004 - Laura Patton, University of Kentucky - Habitat requirements and distribution of the Golden-winged Warbler and Blue-winged Warbler in eastern Kentucky

2003 - Mark Vukovich, Eastern Kentucky University - Use of reclaimed surface mines by Northern Harriers and Short-eared Owls: abundance, behavior, and reproductive success

2001 - Katy Phelps, Eastern Kentucky University - Foraging time and success of Bald Eagles wintering in Kentucky: Possible roles of prey availability and human disturbance in limiting populations

2000 - Jeni Hosfeld, Eastern Kentucky University - Mating decisions by female Eastern Bluebirds: multiple cues and multiple benefits?

1998 - Matthew Ricketts, Eastern Kentucky University - Sexual selection in Yellow-breasted Chats: effect of male morphology on female mating strategies

1997 - Shawchyi Vorisek, Eastern Kentucky University - Effect of male quality on the mating strategies of male and female Indigo Buntings

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