Kentucky Ornithological Society

Burt Monroe, Jr., Avian Research Fund

Terms & Conditions

1. The research is to be conducted within the general boundaries of the Commonwealth recognizing that some field type investigations may cross political boundaries.

2. Financial support from this funds  (not to exceed $1000) is to be used for basic scientific research. Matching funds from other sources is strongly encouraged and availability of such funds will be taken into consideration by committee members in making funding decisions. No portion of this fund is to be used for administrative overhead or other such costs not directly associated with the conduct of research. Financial support may be approved for a period of two years.

3. Expenditures may include the following:

4. Record keeping and other requirements include: 5. Income to a recipent(s) resulting in patents or copyrights that develop due to funding support from the KOS Avian Research Fund will be shared with the KOS under the following guidelines:
  6. Proposals are to be submitted electronically to the Chairperson of the KOS Avian Research Fund Committee by January 15 of each year. Notification of the funding decisions will be made by March 15 of each year and then submitted for approval to the KOS Board at its spring meeting. Proposals should be limited to 20 double-spaced typed pages (vitae not included). Proposals are to include the following items in this order:
  7. When all materials are received by the KOS Avian Research Fund Committee, all members of the committee will review the proposal. Persons not on the committee, but knowledgeable in the subject area, may be consulted regarding a proposal. The chairperson of the committee in conference with the committee members will then make decisions regarding funding. The committee may modify proposal budgets and provide funding at any level that is deemed appropriate.

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