Kentucky Ornithological Society

Pomarine Jaeger
Freeman Lake, Elizabethtown, KY

Photos and video stills illustrating various features of
the bird taken by David Roemer on November 5 and 6, 2005

The images of the bird on the water are digiscoped photographs while the flight images (see links below) are stills lifted from video. These depict the bird from various angles illustrating features or a combination thereof which identify it as a Pomarine Jaeger. These include:

* Strongly bicolored bill, relatively long and heavy and approximately 1/3 dark.
The contrast of the pale bill with the dark face was evident at a distance.

* Lack of pale area just above base of bill which
Parasitic often shows

* Relatively large rounded head

* Uniformly colored head/unstreaked nape

* Lack of distinct cinnamon or rufous tones

* Broad-based wings evident in flight

* Barred underwing coverts paler than flanks

* Pale bases to the primary underwing coverts
very obvious in flight

* Broad rounded central tail feathers

* Heavy-bodied apparent in flight

Additional photos: 1 & 2 --- 3 & 4 --- 5 & 6 --- 7 & 8 --- 9 &10