K.O.S. Seasonal Report Form

Please give dates, exact locations, and numbers of birds for species that are beyond their usual range or out of season. Also note species occurring in greater or fewer numbers than expected.

Document with written details or photos any species that is far out of range or season, or is not listed on this form. Consult the Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Kentucky (Palmer-Ball 2003)  & The Kentucky Breeding Bird Atlas (Palmer-Ball 1996) for information about the expected range & season for each species (&, when in doubt, document!). 

____Spring (March-May)
(Due: June 15) For spring: Indicate peak dates, maximum numbers, & location of
peak migration. Also list dates of earliest & latest migrants.

____Summer (June-July)
(Due: August 15) For summer: Indicate any evidence of breeding (e.g., nest located or adults observed withfledged young)

____Fall (August-November)
(Due: December 15) For fall: Indicate peak dates, maximum numbers, & location of peak migration. Also list dates of earliest & latest migrants.

____Winter (December-February)
(Due: March 15)


   Species                                  Date         Location/Number                               Date             Location/Number                            Date            Location/Number
Common  Loon            
Pied-billed Grebe            
Horned Grebe            
Red-necked Grebe            
Eared Grebe            
Am. Wht. Pelican            
Db-crt Cormorant             
American Bittern            
Least Bittern            
Great Blue Heron            
Great Egret            
Snowy Egret            
Little Blue Heron            
Cattle Egret            
Green Heron            
Bl-cr Night Heron            


 Species                                   Date          Location/Number                             Date          Location/Number                              Date       Location/Number
Yl-cr Night Heron            
White Ibis            
Black Vulture            
Turkey Vulture            
Gr. White-
fronted Goose
Snow Goose            
Ross' Goose            
Canada Goose            
Tundra Swan            
Wood Duck            
American Wigeon            
Am. Black Duck            
Blue-winged Teal            
Northern Shoveler            
Green-winged Teal            
Ring-necked Duck            
Greater Scaup            
Lesser Scaup            
Wh-winged Scoter            
Com. Goldeneye            
Hooded Merganser            
Com. Merganser            
Red-br. Merganser            
Ruddy Duck            
Mississippi Kite            
Bald Eagle            


   Species                                  Date          Location/Number                            Date          Location/Number                               Date         Location/Number
Northern Harrier            
Sh-shinned Hawk            
Cooper's Hawk            
Red-shldrd Hawk            
Brd-winged Hawk            
Red-tailed Hawk            
Rgh-legged Hawk            
American Kestrel            
Peregrine Falcon            
Ruffed Grouse            
Wild Turkey            
Northern Bobwhite            
King Rail            
Virginia Rail            
Common Moorhen            
American Coot            
Sandhill Crane            
Bl-bellied Plover            
Am. Glden-Plover            
Semipalmated Plover            
Piping Plover            
Amer. Avocet            
Gr. Yellowlegs            
Lssr. Yellowlegs            
Solitary Sandpiper            
Spotted Sandpiper            
Upland Sandpiper            
Ruddy Turnstone            
Western Sandpiper            
Least Sandpiper            
White-rumped Sandpiper            
Baird's Sandpiper            

 Species                                    Date        Location/Number                                Date        Location/Number                                Date        Location/Number
Pectoral Sandpiper            
Stilt Sandpiper            
Buff-breasted Sandpiper            
Sh-bill Dowitcher            
Lng-bill Dowitcher            
Common Snipe            
Amer. Woodcock            
Wilsons Phalarope            
Franklin's Gull            
Bonaparte's Gull            
Ring-billed Gull            
Herring Gull            
Caspian Tern            
Common Tern            
Forster's Tern            
Least Tern            
Black Tern            
Rock Dove            
Mourning Dove            
Blck-billed Cuckoo            
Yellow-billed Cuckoo            
Barn Owl            
E. Screech-Owl            
Great Horned Owl            
Barred Owl            
Long-eared Owl            
Short-eared Owl            
Com. Nighthawk            
Chimney Swift            
Ruby-throated Hummingbird            
Belted Kingfisher            
Red-headed Woodpecker            
Red-bellied Woodpecker            
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker            
Downy Woodpecker            
Hairy Woodpecker            
Red-cockaded Woodpecker            
Northern Flicker            
Pileated Woodpecker            


 Species                                    Date         Location/Number                                Date        Location/Number                               Date       Location/Number
Olive-sided Flycatcher            
Eastern Wood-Pewee            
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher            
Acadian Flycatcher            
Alder Flycatcher            
Willow Flycatcher            
Least Flycatcher            
Eastern Phoebe            
Great Crested Flycatcher            
Eastern Kingbird            
Loggerhead Shrike            
White-eyed Vireo            
Bell's Vireo            
Yellow-throated Vireo            
Blue-headed Vireo            
Warbling Vireo            
Philadelphia Vireo            
Red-eyed Vireo            
Blue Jay            
American Crow            
Fish Crow            
Common Raven            
Horned Lark            
Purple Martin            
Tree Swallow            
N. Rough-winged Swallow            
Bank Swallow            
Cliff Swallow            
Barn Swallow            
Carolina Chickadee            
Tufted Titmouse            
Red-breasted Nuthatch            
White-breasted Nuthatch            
Brown Creeper            
Carolina Wren            
Bewick's Wren            
House Wren            
Winter Wren            
Sedge Wren            

  Species                                  Date           Location/Number                              Date         Location/Number                                Date      Location/Number
Marsh Wren            
Golden-crowned Kinglet            
Ruby-crowned Kinglet            
Bl-gray Gnatcatcher            
Eastern Bluebird            
Gry-cheekd Thrush            
Swainson's Thrush            
Hermit Thrush            
Wood Thrush            
American Robin            
Gray Catbird            
N. Mockingbird            
Brown Thrasher            
E. Starling            
American Pipit            
Cedar Waxwing            
Blue-winged Warbler            
Gldn-wngd Warbler            
Tennessee Warbler            
Orange-crowned Warbler            
Nashville Warbler            
Northern Parula            
Yellow Warbler            
Chestnut-sided Warbler            
Magnolia Warbler            
Cape May Warbler            
Black-throated Blue Warbler            
Yellow-rumped Warbler            
Black-throated Green Warbler            
Blackburnian Warbler            
Ylw-thrted Warbler            
Pine Warbler            
Prairie Warbler            


   Species                                   Date       Location/Number                                 Date          Location/Number                                Date        Location/Number
Palm Warbler            
Bay-brsted Warbler            
Blackpoll Warbler            
Cerulean Warbler            
Black-and-White Warbler            
American Redstart            
Prothonotary Warbler            
Worm-eating Warbler            
Swainson's Warbler            
N. Waterthrush            
L. Waterthrush            
Kentucky Warbler            
Connecticut Warbler            
Mourning Warbler            
C. Yellowthroat            
Hooded Warbler            
Wilson's Warbler            
Canada Warbler            
Yellow-breasted Chat            
Summer Tanager            
Scarlet Tanager            
Eastern Towhee            
Amer. Tree Sparrow            
Chipping Sparrow            
Field Sparrow            
Vesper Sparrow            
Lark Sparrow            
Savannah Sparrow            
Grasshopper Sparrow            
Henslow's Sparrow            
Le Conte's Sparrow            
Fox Sparrow            
Song Sparrow            
Lincoln's Sparrow            
Swamp Sparrow            
White-throated Sparrow            
White-crowned Sparrow            
Dark-eyed Junco            
Lapland Longspur            
Northern Cardinal            
Rose-breasted Grosbeak            
Blue Grosbeak            
Indigo Bunting            


   Species                                    Date          Location/Number                             Date            Location/Number                             Date      Location/Number
Red-winged Blackbird            
Eastern Meadowlark            
Western Meadowlark            
Rusty Blackbird            
Brewer's Blackbird            
Common Grackle            
Brown-headed Cowbird            
Orchard Oriole            
Baltimore Oriole            
Purple Finch            
House Finch            
Pine Siskin            
American Goldfinch            
Evening Grosbeak            
House Sparrow            
Additional species & details:

General birding & weather notes (e.g., migration wave dates and temperature & precipitation summary):

Send this Report to:  Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr., 8207 Old Westport Road, Louisville, KY 40222